City Outlet Bad Münstereifel - Reopening soon

July 22, 2021

City Outlet Bad Münstereifel - Reopening soon.

A spirit of optimism and dynamism in Bad Münstereifel.

City Outlet Bad Münstereifel, which was hit particularly hard by the flooding, plans to partially reopen as early as September. "We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of reopening the first shops in six to eight weeks," says Michael Haslinger. "It's unimaginable the momentum on the ground right now. Hundreds of people are helping, many things have already been cleared up and trucks are driving the rubble out of the city every minute. The situation is getting better day by day." In the meantime, the first expert reports on the condition of the historic buildings are available: "Most of them are probably intact and not in danger of collapsing," says Haslinger. Main investor Marc Brucherseifer is also very optimistic. Matthias Dürr, Director Retail & Marketing, coordinates what is happening on site. The tenants of the City Outlet are also all behind a reopening in Bad Münstereifel as soon as possible. The goal is set: "The first shops should open in six to eight weeks, and all of them by the end of the year." Of course, as far as the flair is concerned, a few compromises will have to be made at first. The romantic riverside wall and also a large part of the cobblestone streets have been destroyed. Haslinger: "But that, too, will be restored in time."


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