YULLBE - New Opening in Q6Q7 Mannheim

October 12, 2022

YULLBE - New Opening in Q6Q7 Mannheim

Move through virtual worlds!

Equipped with VR glasses, you can explore the enchanted Europa-Park with Ed and Edda. Alternatively, you can go on a daring manhunt or venture on a mission into outer space.

With YULLBE, an attraction that Mannheim has never seen before is moving into Quartier  Q 6 Q 7. Fabulous VR technology lets you experience things beyond your own imagination.

YULLBE GO - a piece of Europa-Park now also in our  Q6Q7 in Mannheim!

Photo from left to right: Nicolas Mack (Europa-Park), Christian Specht (1. Bürgermeister Mannheim), Miriam und Michael Mack, Younes Zarou (Webvideoproduzent, Influencer), Achim Ihrig (Geschäftsführer Diringer & Scheidel), Hendrik Hoffmann (Geschäftsführer CRM), Prof. Thomas Wagner (Geschäftsführer VR Coaster)

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