The largest outlet currently under construction in Germany opened its first section in Selb

April 17, 2019

The Outlet Center Selb is being built into one of the largest outlets in Germany!

Phase 1, with 5.000 sq and 18 units opened at the 11th of April. The historic “Ofenhalle” looks really exciting – great job of our architects, well done! The construction of the 2nd phase is set to start in May with further 8,000 sq and feature approx. 40 units that will open in Summer/Autumn 2020. In Addition, we have the prospect of developing another 10,000 sq an 50 units by 2022, making us with over 25,000 sq and over 120 Units one of the largest Designer Outlets in Germany.

Leasing on the project is progressing well, and meeting have already been held with many influential brands, all of them are very positive and confirmed their interest. Leasing status is over 45%!

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