ODLO - New Opening in POP

September 28, 2022

ODLO - New Opening in POP

Outlet & Entertainment Prague

ODLO was founded more than 70 years ago and is the inventor and pioneer of functional sports underwear. It is a leading Swiss manufacturer of sports functional underwear with a long family tradition of high quality standards. As a technology leader, ODLO produces the best functional clothing for all those who love sports - in any weather and at any intensity. ODLO will not only provide you with a perfect appearance, but will also guarantee that your body will feel comfortable throughout your sports activity.

ODLO is number one on the European market in the section of functional sportswear. But also in other areas of sportswear, ODLO is very successful, especially in outdoor collections, running, cycling, cross-country skiing and also in clothing for children.

The headquarters of the company is in Switzerland. The ODLO brand is actively represented in more than 20 countries around the world.

Now new in our Outlet & Entertainment Center POP in Prag!

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