OCPRE 2021 - Outlet Centre Performance Report Europe - Press Release

February 23, 2022

OCPRE 2021 - Outlet Centre Performane Report Europe - Press Release

The report is now considered "the" benchmark for the European outlet industry.

Since 2008 – i.e. for 14 years now – ecostra GmbH has conducted an annual survey of international brand manufacturers who are tenants in outlet centres in Europe. Since 2012, this survey has been carried out in cooperation with the French research institute Magdus. By now, the report is regarded to be "the" benchmark for the European outlet industry. The results are printed in detail in the so-called "Outlet Centre Performance Report Europe" (OCPRE), which can be obtained from the ecostra webshop. 

The OCPRE is the only Europe-wide survey of brands on the economic performance of their stores in the single outlet centres. All outlet centres in Europe that have been in operation for more than 2 years were included in the survey portfolio. Only brand manufacturers with at least three stores in three different outlet centres in Europe were allowed to take part in the survey. The survey was conducted among the decision-makers (sales managers, expansion managers) of the brands at the respective company headquarters, not among the store managers on site, as only the first-mentioned have the opportunity and the overview to evaluate the performance of their stores in different centres, which are also often located in different European countries. A total of 67 international brand manufacturers (previous year 68) took part in the survey, which operate a total of 1,162 outlet stores (previous year: 1,149) in European outlet centres. On average, each brand manufacturer operates on average approx. 17.3 outlets, which illustrates that brands that already have an extensive network of outlet stores in Europe participated in this survey. 

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