GERRY WEBER new opening in Premium Outlet Prague

October 11, 2021

GERRY WEBER stands for an uncomplicated, confident and feminine look – high quality, clear and always up-to-date.

GERRY WEBER is the leading womenswear lifestyle brand in the modern classic mainstream market. It inspires and excites women all over the world.
Big city women now want fashion with a feel-good factor. Style, comfort & cosiness are the keywords that best describe the new GERRY WEBER collection. Overshirt, vegan leather midi dress, layering with knit jumper: the key looks for more than one season. The overshirt as a blazer and jacket substitute remains an absolute styling favorite. Materials that keep winter temperatures at bay, such as double face, leather or teddy fur, make this go-to piece a real all-rounder that can be combined with a pleated skirt, a midi dress or numerous trouser variations.
GERRY WEBER focusses on a true-to-life, emotional, enthusiastic and modern approach. A brand that is more than just a fashion retailer. GERRY WEBER is more: GERRY is a source of inspiration. GERRY is courageous, creative, far-sighted and connection. GERRY believes that it makes the world a better place when women, regardless of their age, are inspiring, natural and confident with themselves and their own femininity.

GERRY WEBER - Jetzt ganz neu in Premium Outlet Prague!

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