Das Quartier - Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim

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A modern designed city quarter shopping centre

Total rentable area

Gross floor space 155,000 m² Retail and gastronomy 27,300 m²



Parking places


Das Quartier - Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim in Detail


Mannheim, the centre of the Rhine Neckar Metropolitan is located in the north part of
Baden-Württemberg. In the middle of downtown, Q 6 Q 7 is situated on the most important
main street of Mannheim.

Catchment area

Inhabitants of Mannheim approx. 305,780
Inhabitants within 45 minutes approx. 3,0 million
Centrality Index Rating 139,2


Conveniently situated to the motorway A5 and A6, in the middle of downtown in one of
the best pedestrian zones, the „Fressgasse“ next to the Planken. Q 6 Q 7 will have his own
parking garage with access to the shopping centre.


The university city of Mannheim (also often called ‘Square City’ referring to its grid-like layout) with its 300,000 inhabitants is ideally located in the centre of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, which with a total of 2.3 million inhabitants is the third strongest economic region in Germany. The Q 6 Q7 quarter in the heart of Mannheim has been a highlight for Mannheim and the surrounding area since 2016 due to its impressive location and spectacular architecture. Q 6 Q 7 is therefore more than just a shopping centre - you meet to enjoy, relax and simply have a good time. In addition to the generous retail and gastronomy areas, the centre offers space for offices and practices, including the Radisson Blue Hotel, which, due to hosting many events, is fully booked approx. 90% of the time, especially on weekends.

It was voted best hotel in Mannheim. The 86 apartments, all of which are rented out with a long waiting list, offer the opportunity to live above the rooftops of Mannheim. There is also no shortage of events to which the centre invites its visitors. Here our clients are successfully entertained at private functions with up to 12,000 guests, as well as at conferences in the so-called rose garden and various trade fairs and are spoiled with a selection of delicacies by a Michelin star restaurant.

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