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Closed designer outlet on two floors

Total rentable area

15,800 m²



Parking places


Outlet Center Brenner im Detail


Designer Outlet Brenner is situated directly on the motorway A 13 between the borders
of Italy and Austria and in the middle of the best known recreation area in Europe with
more than 65 million overnight stays annually. You can reach the outlet without any
problem from both directions, very quickly through close exits. It is only a 30-minute drive
to Innsbruck. The motorway `Brenner Autobahn` is one of the most important
connections between the North an South Alps, more than 38,000 vehicles use this
motorway every day


Located directly on the Brenner motorway A13, exit Brenner.
A 13 is one of the most important connections between the North and South Alps with
more than 14 million vehicles annually. Brenner is also as a gate to Italy a favourite
holiday goal.


Brenner in the heart of Tirol is with more than 65 million overnight stays annually a
favourite holiday region in Europa, in winter an also in summer.

Year of foundation

In December 2007 the outlet center Brenner opened at the Brenner Pass. In 2012 the center was expanded.

Development of the Outlet Center Brenner

The Brenner has a long tradition as a market and trading place, dating back to Roman times. Parents and grandparents drove to the Brenner to shop and "smuggled" their purchases home. Since the fifties, the Brenner has also been the gateway to holidays. Many German and Austrian holidaymakers pass through the Brenner on their way to the Adriatic coast or Riviera. Likewise, every year many Italians cross the Brenner Pass on their way to Austria and Germany. In total, these are more than 20 million people a year.

In December 2007, the Outlet Center Brenner opened its doors. The Outlet Center offers customers a unique, light-flooded ambience with its Alpine backdrop, its modern architecture and the use of high-quality materials. This feel-good atmosphere ensures a relaxed and pleasant shopping experience for the entire family and visitors of every age group. In the mall, visitors can enjoy the Alps and the historic Brenner village, protected from all kinds of weather.

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